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Your Host: David Abingdon

“One Company Paid David Abingdon A Consulting Fee Of $2.4 (£1.27) Million With Good Reason: He Made Them Over $67 (£35) Million!”

David Abingdon TMR sMany of us have a wish list, David Abingdon, founder of Insurety PLC, Quantum Organization and Alchemy Network, is one of the few people who knows how to turn that wish list into reality.

Over the last nineteen years David has trained in excess of 3000 people from all walks of life and from around the world in marketing, sales, deal making and of course; consulting, by using the powerful methods, systems and techniques of the world’s greatest entreprenuers and business consultants, coaches and mentors. Directly and indirectly, he’s helped thousands of businesses, consultants and coaches gain enormous success and earn staggering amounts of money. He has also personally taken three business ventures from zero to multi-million dollar companies – each in less than 12 months.

In his progression to business consulting, David moved through a number of sales, business ownership and marketing management roles. Identifying marketing as the key to business, David says: “No matter what the type of company, the acquisition of customers is the real business… All businesses are in the sales and marketing business.”

David has appeared and provided expert opinion in the BBC’s ‘Money Programme’, BBC News, Dubai Eye and BBC Local Radio. He has featured in the Guardian, Scotsman, Australian, FT, Australian Wealth Creator Magazine, Success Magazine and the Australian Financial Review and many more.  He has also provided comment and articles to the Sunday Times, Daily Express and Marketing Magazine. More recently he was featured as the philanthropic millionaire in the acclaimed Channel 4 documentary ‘How The Other Half Live’, shown around the world.

David has written many proprietary business programs, manuals and even a college handbook on marketing. He is author of the breakthrough business book; ‘Out Of The Box Marketing’ available in many languages through booksellers and Amazon.

David provides consulting advice and is available for occasional speaking engagements. He can be contacted at:

DA Montage

“David Abingdon is certainly an ‘out of the box’ phenomenon! In the almost 10 years I have known him he has built 3 multi-million pound sterling organizations from scratch…”
Dan Pena, Business Mentor, Guthrie Castle, UK

“David Abingdon is an amazing entrepreneur who has notched up some very impressive business successes… He reveals an insight into the mentality that has made him and those he has worked with, a veritable fortune.
Peter Sun, Marketer & Author, Queensland, Australia.

“…Genius… You have all but put a ribbon and whipped cream on top. All anyone has to do is eat it…”
M. Walter Levine, Entrepreneur, Connecticut, USA

“I’ve been tracking David’s business career over the last 10 years, and his direct approach quite often shocks business owners and entrepreneurs. But time and time again, his strategies turn out to be nicely profitable.”
Des Vadgama, Capital Raising, London, UK

“The supercharged tools and techniques has opened a new world for me. David Abingdon’s direct, no-nonsense approach to marketing and business development is an absolute must for anyone in business today.”
Dudley Peacock, Business Consultant, Cape Town, South Africa

“David, ‘you the man’! Here are the keys to business success; a ready made system with the strategies, concepts, ideas and application procedures in which to operate. If you already have business experience then this makes you a more all round marketer and business person.”
Kim Davis, Real Estate Guru, California, USA